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Able to trace its origins back some 200 years, Beaumont Legal prides itself on giving customers honest, open service, using the latest technology to enhance the process for our customers wherever we can. One of the largest providers of conveyancing in the country, many of our customers come to us when they move home and then return to use our other services when they need them. We provide a fast, efficient service without sacrificing the quality or personal contact that customers still expect when dealing with a quality solicitors.

We're based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, but serve customers across the country and are always on the lookout for new team members who want to keep providing the personal service which can sometimes be lost in the modern world.

Business Services

Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Making a will is one of the most important legal tasks you’ll do and we can help ensure that when you die, your affairs will be managed exactly as you want. We offer fixed fees and transparency, so your costs are clear from the start and a personal service, with a specialist solicitor guiding you through the whole process.

Most wills don’t need to be complicated and we offer fixed fees in most cases. You can call us to arrange a free interview where we’ll recommend what’s best for you before you pay a penny. We can also tell you how the rules of intestacy would apply to you, or help you give someone the power of attorney to make important decisions for you in case you lose the physical or mental capacity to do so.

Also, if you’ve lost a loved one and have to act as an executor to go through the probate process, we can help make things as simple and stress-free as possible by providing a solicitor to handle things for you.
Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

We help people resolve a huge range of legal disputes, whether you have a small personal claim or a large business dispute and whether you’ve been affected financially, physically or emotionally. Having worked on both side of a wide range of disputes, we know how to put your case forward in the strongest way possible.

Some people come to us because their health or that of their loved ones has suffered because of other people’s negligence. Sometimes they’ve had an accident at work or in a public place, or suffered because of medical incompetence, and are looking to find out how to claim compensation.

Others come to us because of disputes between partners or shareholders in a business , or between landlords and tenants, or because they need support to defend or challenge a will. Whatever the dispute, with a free, no obligation chat we’ll talk you through the potential process, what chances we think you have and whether it’s likely to cost you anything.
Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Whether you need advice or representation to resolve a business dispute or are looking to take new business premises, contact our team to discuss how we can work with you.
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