Carruthers Curdie Sturrock

Carruthers Curdie Sturrock & Co originates before 1840 when members of the Sturrock family began practising as solicitors in Kilmarnock. The present firm was previously known as Curdie Sturrock & Co and was formed in 1982 as a result of a merger between J & J Sturrock & Co. and Curdie & Smith (which had been trading since about 1918 and was already based at 1 Howard Street). In 1989, the practice was augmented by another merger with D & D Carruthers (which had itself been trading since the 1880s). For generations, we have strived to deliver sound legal advice and hard-headed practical suggestions for effective resolution of our clients' legal problems.

While our principal areas of practice are conveyancing and general property, trust and executry, wills, powers of Attorney and court work, we aim to deliver a comprehensive legal service for all types of small business, private individuals and small charities.