Chris Saltrese Solicitors

Chris Saltrese Solicitors have provided a specialised service in defending contested allegations of sexual offences for 18 years. This is because it is one of the most emotive and misunderstood areas of law where there is the potential for unfair trial and widespread injustice. Since the Jimmy Savile allegations in 2012, this tendency has accelerated. As more complainants come forward, the pressure is greater on the police and Crown Prosecution Service to bring cases to trial no matter how insubstantial.

Many cases are historical, and depend only on the oral testimony of the complainant. Multiple allegations also proliferate, but may not be truly independent, rather they may be linked directly or indirectly to one or more complainants. Other cases concern illegal images found on computers. While at first glance these may seem definitive, the fact is many images can be downloaded on computers without the knowledge or intention of the user.