Gouldingays Family Law & Mediation

Relationship breakdown affects us all at one time or another in our lives - whether it is first love, cohabitee/co-owner, husband or wife or civil partner or even break-ups with other family members; siblings, parents or grandparents. The consequences of relationship breakdown send ripples throughout family and friends and how it is handled can have a material effect upon the individual's long term future and ability to cope. Fear of the consequences of relationship breakdown and lack of knowledge about outcomes can sometimes make us behave in a bizarre and unpredictable fashion.

Knowledge is power in some situations. Weighing the options before taking a decision that is suited to your own circumstances is essential. If you are worried about the expense, delay and hostility sometimes prompted by Court proceedings, Mediation may prove a better option; it is immediate, cheaper and a far more dignified process for achieving agreements and a fair outcome.