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If you had to describe Ibbotson Brady in three words they would be personal injury Leeds . Since 2001 our firm Ibbotson Brady has been helping countless people in and around Leeds to claim compensation for personal injuries they sustained through fault of someone else.

Our whole approach is to provide a personal touch, that’s why, from the moment you contact us, you will be speaking to John or Rebecca, who will be with you from that point on right through until your compensation cheque arrives.

Because we take such good care of our clients, it’s no surprise that for every 10 clients we deal with, 7 of them will have come to us because we helped someone they know. We are very experienced and have been working exclusively with personal injury law for 40 years between us.
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No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee

This is the most popular way of funding injury compensation claims. Most of our clients use them. The title speaks for itself, but we will explain a little more.

We consider your claim with you for free and go through all of the options for funding your claim. If there are no other suitable ways of funding your claim, then we will consider offering you a No Win No Fee arrangement. If we think that you have a good claim then we will always consider agreeing to this arrangement. If we agree to deal with your claim in this way, but for some reason your claim fails, then you will not pay a penny.

If your claim wins then we will be able to recover some of the costs from your opponent. In most cases there will be a shortfall which will be payable by you from any award you receive but we guarantee that this will never exceed 25% of your award (including VAT). When we first meet we will give you a copy of the Agreement, go through it with you and answer any questions you might have. The Agreement sets out the details so that you can see what we may receive from your opponent and what is likely to be payable by you.

There are of course other ways in which you can fund your case. One of these might be through legal expenses insurance cover; you might have this on a motor or household insurance policy or similar policy. You might have funding cover through a Trade Union membership. We will discuss all of your options. There are no hidden charges with the No Win No Fee Agreement and we always make sure that you fully understand the Agreement before we invite you to sign it. No Unexpected Bills.

The main reason for the popularity of the No Win No Fee Agreement is that it is risk free to you if your case is unsuccessful and offers a realistic way of funding the costs of instructing us. Every 6 months we will send you a breakdown of the costs incurred in dealing with your case. This is NOT a bill – it is just to keep you informed on how costs have been incurred.

Professional Negligence Claims

Professional Negligence Claims

Most complaints about Solicitors relate to the quality of their service, so things like not returning calls, or not updating a client. Complaints of this nature can often be dealt with fairly efficiently by making a formal complaint to the firm, who must have a complaints policy. If things get more serious, then it’s possible to pursue a complaint through the Legal Ombudsman.

Sometimes a more serious problem can occur when a Solicitor actually makes a mistake that causes a client to lose out in some way. These more serious problems can leave a client with a potential professional negligence claim against their Solicitor. Mistakes often include missing time limits, overlooking facts or evidence or missing out aspects of a potential claim. These can all, potentially, lead to a professional negligence claim.

As professionals, Solicitors have what is called a duty of care to their clients. To succeed in a claim for professional negligence against a Solicitor, you must show that they breached their professional duty of care and that their conduct fell below the standard of a reasonably competent Solicitor in the same area of expertise. In addition to that, you must also be able to show that the mistake or poor conduct actually caused you to suffer a loss.

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