Khan Riaz

Riaz Khan is an expert lawyer in the field of Immigration, Asylum and Human rights law with an excellent track record of winning complex and high profile cases. Prior to establishing this legal practice, Riaz Khan had worked for a reputable law firm in Sheffield where he had won many cases for the local Yemeni, Somali, Iraqi, Iranian and Pakistani communities.

The above reputation gave Riaz Khan the ambition to set up his own legal practice which materialised on 24th April 2003. The concept behind the establishment of this practice was to provide expert Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law advice and representations through a team of specialist Lawyers with considerable skill and knowledge in this complex area of law. The firm originally started off as a Legal Aid firm and was recognised by the Legal Services Commission as a category 1 law firm. However, over the years the firm took the decision to cease doing legal aid work for economic reasons.