O'Sullivan Family Law

I'm Jo O'Sullivan and I set up O'Sullivan Family Law because I am passionate about minimising the damage caused by separation and divorce. It is my experience that it is possible to have an 'acrimony-free' divorce. My aim is to create the possibility of a good divorce.

When couples break up they affect everyone around them; their children, their family, their friends and even their work colleagues. So for society as a whole I feel it is essential to part with dignity.

If you have children I put them first in my practice. This is not something that is usually done by family practitioners. This is because solicitors focus on what they feel they 'can do' rather than what they feel they 'can't do'. Most solicitors therefore focus on the technicalities of divorce/dissolution of civil partnerships and the division of assets (as must I). However, for me it's about so much more.