Whether it is a shop, office, factory or public house, we have extensive knowledge and experience of the sale and purchase, whether it is freehold or leasehold.

This is essential to every business and some individuals will use it at some stage. We are able to advise on the best means, whether it be a simple "solicitor's letter", a Statutory Demand or Court Proceedings. Remember those debt collectors only ever send threatening demands and do not issue Court Proceedings, handing that over to solicitors.

Employment law is now a minefield but Stephen Pocock has many years of experience advising on all aspects of employment law and preparing many of the documents required, including Contracts of Employment, Compromise Agreements and documents in relation to Tribunals. He advises on redundancy, unfair dismissal, discrimination and many other aspects and has been involved in a large number of cases at employment tribunals and the Courts, acting for both employers and employees.