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At Quantus Law Solicitors we are different. We are a no appointment Law Firm. Our professional, qualified legal team is specifically trained and widely experienced in this field of law. We deal with accident claims day in day out giving us a unique in-sight and working relationship with nearly all the compensation payers. The benefit to our clients is claims are handled more quickly, efficiently and more successfully. Our approach to our clients is different too. No stuffy solicitors - we're friendly, adaptable and client facing lawyers who are focused on you and winning your case. Now, here's the good part. If we can't win your case then don't pay us a penny. And here's the better part. Even when we win the case, most of our clients still don't pay us any money. Reason? We get our fees paid by the insurers and compensators. So it's a win/win situation all round. Go on - Nip in or call. You have nothing to lose and pounds to win!

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513 Mansfield Road

Nottingham, NG5 2JL
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