Ross Coates Solicitors

Ross Coates Solicitors was founded in 1995 on the basis of using technology in the conveyancing process to reduce the amount of work that had to be done manually. While many solicitors were still laboriously doing letters via typewriter, Ross Coates Solicitors was using computers to save significant amounts of time taken to finish a case.

We decided that the service that we provided had to be second to none but we also decided to make a positive commitment to keeping our fees as low as we could. This commitment has remained to this day and we constantly review the structure and operation of our business to see how cost effectively we can provide the service. Over the years, we have had plenty of time to experiment with what does work, (and what does not) and today we offer a service with the benefit of that experience for low fees.

Our emphasis is on getting the work done with the minimum of fuss so that the desired objective - actually to move - can be achieved.