Trident Solicitors

Trident Solicitors are dedicated motoring defence solicitors focused on achieving the best possible result for you. If you face prosecution for any motoring offence, whether it be a charge of drink driving or dangerous driving, or a summons for speeding, failing to stop after an accident, or if you risk losing your licence because you have too many penalty points, you need to call Trident Solicitors today and let our experts help you.

Trident Solicitors have a wealth of experience, gained from both prosecuting and defending motoring cases.

Trident Solicitors are able to guide you through each and every stage of the court process with clear advice and provide you with the knowledge that your case is in safe hands. You will be treated as an individual with your case being managed to your specific needs. Trident Solicitors have highly dedicated staff committed to providing a first class consumer experience and first class results.