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Road traffic law is complex and technical and you need an expert to advise and represent you UML is headed up by Warren Bergson, a dedicated motoring lawyer, with over 15 years experience in this area of law. UML represents private motorists and commercial drivers eg taxis, HGV. Clients include companies as well as individuals. Losing your driving licence can have devastating effects on employment, personal and family life. The more serious driving offences can result in a prison sentence.

So it is essential to have the top legal guns on your side when you are accused of breaking road traffic law. No matter what the problem is, if it is to do with motoring offences, contact UML.

When you hire lead solicitor Warren Bergson to defend you, you get top legal advice and a personal service. We give peace of mind and the very best results.
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The Empress Business Centre, 380 Chester Road

Manchester, M16 9EA
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