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Specialists in all aspects of Property Law, Litigation, Probate, Planning Law and Divorce and Matrimonial Law including Children Matters. Over 30 years combined experience we operate from modern
Get the answer you want to your legal issue at a low cost initial consultation undertaken by a senior solicitor.

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Get expert legal advice and assistance at a great low price through an initial consultation.
Get the answer you need to your legal issue at a very low cost through an initial consultation - Instruct the Experts !
Get the answer you need to your legal issue at a very low cost through an initial consultation - Instruct the Experts !
Aletta Shaw Solicitors
Aletta Shaw Solicitors was established almost two decades ago. Since then we have built our reputation as a firm, due to our friendly, client-focused attitude. Our second office in Blackheath is
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Do you need more clients and better ways to increase your revenue? Since so many people are using search engines like Google to find legal services you need to ensure that your practice gets to the
Employment Law Solicitors
At your initial consultation, we will ascertain the advice you are seeking and your objectives. If you wish to appoint us, we will agree on a course of action which we will implement by corresponding

Looking for a reliable and highly professional solicitor in Hainault? Congratulations if you have already narrowed down your choice and you have chosen a solicitor in Hainault you can trust on and find reputable. Now it is about time for your first consultation with the solicitor in Hainault and you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. In fact, your first consultation with a solicitor in Hainault can be a truly nerve-racking experience. However, you want to make the most from this meetup. Therefore, we would like to help you and provide you with some useful tips you can follow to help prepare for this initial meeting with the solicitor in Hainault.

Meet with a Solicitor in Hainault – Preparation

In order to make sure you will be able to make the most of this initial meeting with a solicitor in Hainault, good preparation is the key. Once you set an arrangement and date when you will meet with the solicitor in Hainault, make sure to take your time and prepare a brief chronology of your case to help the professional quickly get familiar with why you need their service. Make sure to include a short summary of the case and your situation, who is involved, all important dates, the type of dispute, the status of the dispute, all key events.

This will help the solicitor in Hainault to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of your current situation and they will be able to tell you how they can help. Don’t forget to take any previous correspondence and documents regarding your case when you meet with the solicitor in Hainault. Ensuring good preparation before this first consultation will allow your solicitor in Hainault to be in a better position to advise you.

Initial Phone Consultation with a Solicitor in Hainault

In case you have an initial phone conversation with the solicitor in Hainault before the meeting, ensure it is arranged in a convenient time when you are located in a private and quiet area, where you feel comfortable enough to share sensitive information and other details over the phone without being overheard by someone. No background noise and disruption is very important for this initial phone consultation with the solicitor in Hainault.

Consult with a Solicitor in Hainault – Questions

Make sure to write down all the questions you have before you meet or speak to your solicitor in Hainault. Write them down in advance in order to ensure you won’t forget to ask about something important when you meet with your solicitor in Hainault.

Takes Notes When You Meet with Your Solicitor in Hainault

Once you meet with your solicitor in Hainault, do not hesitate to take a notepad for you to write down all important information and guidelines you may get from your solicitor in Hainault. This will help you ensure you won’t forget something essential once the meeting is over. If someone is accompanying you, you can also ask them to write down everything important for you so you are able to stay focused on the conversation.