Cyril Jones

We have been a legal practice in North Wales for nearly 100 years. After nearly a century of practice we think we are doing something that our clients have approved of, appreciate and continue to recommend our services to others. Our Solicitors and Legal Advisers have well over 100 years of legal practice experience between them in all areas of day to day legal practice. If we can not do it we will tell you at the earliest opportunity and refer you to another solicitor who can. As a profession we are obliged to provide you with a standard of service acceptable to our professional bodies who regulate us.

We like to go that one step further and make you feel that you are dealing with a friendly and sympathetic listener and not just a suit behind a desk or a voice on the telephone. We know that solicitors can be like doctors and dentists. No one really wants to go there but life isn't that simple. Our aim is to make it an experience with the least amount of stress and costs as we are able.