Lawrence Stephens Solicitors
Within a year, it had grown to such an extent that the new, larger offices were required. In early 1998, the firm re-located to nearby offices in Great Portland Street and, in February 2005, the firm
UK Immigration Solicitor
Our network of specialist Immigration Lawyers deal in all aspects of UK Immigration Law. Whatever your situation, either making an application within the UK, facing a UK Visa Refusal, employing people
Anglo Law Solicitors
We promise to be approachable and available whenever you need us. Being a small firm we are able to provide a unique, personal service to our clients. When our clients phone us they will always be
The Cycling Solicitors
We'll never charge you a penny. We're even working to get potholes filled in before they hurt someone. Or report a pothole here. We are solicitors who cycle, based in Clerkenwell. One of us, Tom
Beyer Family Law Solicitors
With over ten years' experience exclusively as English and international divorce lawyers, we are the experts in family and divorce law. No matter how complex or straightforward your situation, we can
Creed Lane Law Group
If you have been charged with a criminal offence of any type, or you are facing investigation or your assets have been seized or restrained, it is imperative that you deal with it using lawyers
Greenwoods Solicitors
Acting for insurance companies, reinsurers, brokers, self insured companies and public sector organisations, we understand how the insurance sector works and exactly what our clients require. We
Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors
We have over 150 years' experience of acting for clients to ensure you get the best legal advice possible. Check out our services and find out how our solicitors can help you with your legal matters.
Cubism Law
Cubism Law is a specialised law firm with 30+ highly experienced lawyers in London, who offer expert legal advice to both corporate and private clients.
Boodle Hatfield
Boodle Hatfield is an experienced law firm based in London. We have offices in London Bankside, London Mayfair and Oxford. We specialise in a number of law areas including Family Law, Property Law,
Kervin & Barnes
Kervin & Barnes is an established Mayfair practice providing first-class employment law advice to Senior Employees and Companies in a range of sectors. Our employment law solicitors have practised in
Matthew Lawson Barrister
Matthew Lawson Barrister is experienced as both a Junior and Leader and specialises in the areas of Fraud and Financial Crime, Organized Crime and Regulatory and Disciplinary Proceedings. Matthew
Amphlett Lissimore
We’re an independent law firm based in the heart of Mold, north-east Wales. At Hopleys GMA (incorporating Keene & Kelly), we pride ourselves on providing only the very best legal advice and customer
Monaco Solicitors Ltd
Our mission is helping employees to get fair deals when leaving their jobs. We do this by negotiating settlement exit packages for our clients, and also by publishing our knowledge on the internet for
Will Claim Solicitors
We are experts who will dispute solicitors. We will explain how to contest a will, talk you through your claim and handle your will dispute – usually on a no win no fee basis.

Looking for a reliable and highly professional solicitor in City of London? Congratulations if you have already narrowed down your choice and you have chosen a solicitor in City of London you can trust on and find reputable. Now it is about time for your first consultation with the solicitor in City of London and you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. In fact, your first consultation with a solicitor in City of London can be a truly nerve-racking experience. However, you want to make the most from this meetup. Therefore, we would like to help you and provide you with some useful tips you can follow to help prepare for this initial meeting with the solicitor in City of London.

Meet with a Solicitor in City of London – Preparation

In order to make sure you will be able to make the most of this initial meeting with a solicitor in City of London, good preparation is the key. Once you set an arrangement and date when you will meet with the solicitor in City of London, make sure to take your time and prepare a brief chronology of your case to help the professional quickly get familiar with why you need their service. Make sure to include a short summary of the case and your situation, who is involved, all important dates, the type of dispute, the status of the dispute, all key events.

This will help the solicitor in City of London to quickly and efficiently gain an understanding of your current situation and they will be able to tell you how they can help. Don’t forget to take any previous correspondence and documents regarding your case when you meet with the solicitor in City of London. Ensuring good preparation before this first consultation will allow your solicitor in City of London to be in a better position to advise you.

Initial Phone Consultation with a Solicitor in City of London

In case you have an initial phone conversation with the solicitor in City of London before the meeting, ensure it is arranged in a convenient time when you are located in a private and quiet area, where you feel comfortable enough to share sensitive information and other details over the phone without being overheard by someone. No background noise and disruption is very important for this initial phone consultation with the solicitor in City of London.

Consult with a Solicitor in City of London – Questions

Make sure to write down all the questions you have before you meet or speak to your solicitor in City of London. Write them down in advance in order to ensure you won’t forget to ask about something important when you meet with your solicitor in City of London.

Takes Notes When You Meet with Your Solicitor in City of London

Once you meet with your solicitor in City of London, do not hesitate to take a notepad for you to write down all important information and guidelines you may get from your solicitor in City of London. This will help you ensure you won’t forget something essential once the meeting is over. If someone is accompanying you, you can also ask them to write down everything important for you so you are able to stay focused on the conversation.

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